GOWER HOLIDAY VILLAGE - Cottage Holidays on the Beautiful Gower Peninsula
 Set in the heart of the Gower Peninsula just west of Swansea, South Wales, the Gower Heritage Centre was established in 1990 as a countryside crafts centre situated in historical and beautiful surroundings. The 12th century water powered corn and saw mill was renovated, and experienced crafts people took up residence on site. Today the centre is recognised as a vibrant crafts and rural life museum that welcomes visitors from all around the world.
The Gower Heritage Centre is a fun way to spend you're day, whether your group or school and would like to take a coach tour to the Gower and explore what we have on offer, or if you're just passing by and are just popping in for a bite to eat at our Tea Rooms we're sure you'll find exactly what you're after here with us.
Perriswood Archery
Perriswood Archery and Falconry Centre is located in Penmaen on the beautiful Gower Peninsula, near Swansea, South Wales. Perriswood is open all year around, and is the only centre dedicated to the pursuit of Archery and Falconry of its kind in the UK.
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